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Vinyl Decal | Glitter Purple | Script | Just Start

Vinyl Decal | Glitter Purple | Script | Just Start

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9.5 x 8 inch vinyl decal.
"You will never be ready Just start" decorative motivational quote.
Ultra metallic glitter in glossy purple.
Ideal for applying to clean, dry, flat surfaces such as mirrors, walls, fridges, glass, or even your car.
Permanent adhesive for indoor or outdoor application.

I am unable to accept responsibility for any application error.
Application instructions are included.

Surfaces must be flat, clean, dry and free from any dust.
Some reasons that the adhesive may not stick properly include the surface is dusty, textured, has peeling paint, is freshly painted or unfinished, damp, or very cold for example (this is not a exhaustive list).
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